Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Cookies!

My family made a trip to the Fayetteville square to see all of the Christmas lights. My granny and I were very excited!!
Reindeer!! It was huge!
Family picture!
Ashley and I made Christmas cookies for some of our friends!!

Here are all of our supplies.

Ashley cutting some cute Christmas shapes!

I got flour on my nose and Ashley thought it was hilarious!
Finished product!!

The cookies were very delicious and our friends really enjoyed them, I think almost as much as we enjoyed making them!


  1. I love seeing all the Christmas lights too...there is a place near by that is "famous" for their lights! AND your cookies look so cute. That makes me want to make and decorate some.

  2. What cute girls you both are. Your cookies look yummy. Making cookies for your friends is good memories for you guys too. I know they enjoyed your cooking, love you...Aunt Karen

  3. I can't believe you updated your blog and I'm just now seeing it today for the first time!! Sheesh! : )
    Your cookies look yummy! Did the icing dry pretty well? Were they eay to transport? They are really just the cutest! We should make some for Easter and deliver them to our family!!
    I love you! Sorry I woke you up yesterday!