Monday, November 23, 2009

Twilight and Horseback Riding

Last Thursday night was the Twilight New Moon premier. Ashley, Cowan, and myself bought our tickets about a month ago. Here we are waiting in line outside of the theater! We were so glad that it wasn't very cold. We didn't have to wait outside long before we got to go inside because theater was ready! We waited inside for about 3 hours....oh but it was SOOOOO worth it!

Ashley SUPER pumped to be going into the theater! Cowan even brought her New Moon book to read while we were waiting. She wanted to make sure that her memory was up to date, HAHAHA!
Cowan and I had been talking about taking a day and going horseback riding for a while now, so after church on Sunday we decided to head to Eureka Springs, AR.
Here I am all saddled up ready to go on the trail ride!
Cowan's horse was sooo big!
All ready to ride! You can see our trail guide in the background. He told us that he used to be an Indian chief and now he has 4 pet wolves....but, he was very good at telling us about the scenery and what to do on our horses when we were going down hills and things.
Cowan on the trail. The sun was just setting. It was truly beautiful.

My horse, Dusty! :) He was very handsome!

We had so much fun horseback riding and will definitely be back in the spring to see all the trees green and the flowers bloomed.

P.S. I am reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks right now and you guys need to read it! It is SOOO good!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Idol Smiles Photo Shoot

The Idol Smiles photo shoot was a blast! Before the shoot they had professional hair and makeup artists there to do our hair and makeup.

Brushing our teeth right before the shoot!
Hahahahahaha, she liked "the poof!!"
Janice and I posing.
Mrs. Pickard asking "get to know you" questions to me. They are going to do little biographies of us on the website.
Janice, Aricka, and I having fun!
Me, Aricka, Dr. Pickard, and Baylee!
Baylee, Aricka, and I after a wardrobe change.
Hahahaha, Me and Bryan acting like we're dancing!
Voted #1 orthodontist in NWA pictures!

Six of the idols came on Saturday and the other six went on Friday.
These were the six that were there on Saturday.

Bryan, Janice, Aricka, Joni, Me, and Baylee! These people are so much fun to be around!

They looked absolutely adorable for the prom pictures!! :))

Retainer pic!
All of us from the Saturday crew with Dr. Pickard!